Civility NOW Project

Follow us as we bring you this vast and important cause from our growing culture of incivility. Spirited Cause is taking action in identifying and respectfully expressing intolerance of this growing epidemic called disrespect.

Also learn how educators are stepping up to integrate these core values back into our school curriculums.


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How will my charitable donation be used? 


Donations are used to cover the costs of promoting and advertising this concept to communities across the nation and make them aware of this important cause. We need to get parents, teachers, legislators and the public educated about “The Civility NOW Project” and demand that this new curriculum gets implemented into our public schools. Funds are also used to create the class or grade curricula, monitoring progress and evaluating the results. We cannot do this without your financial support. The more money we can raise, the faster The Civility NOW Project will get implemented nationwide.  


Why is The Civility NOW Project so important? 


We need to not only strengthen and set examples of respect, compassion and understanding in our homes, but we also need to reinforce and teach these skills and values in our schools. In recent times, there has been a noticeable erosion of incivility not only in our political leaders and candidates but also exhibited by everyday people. This breakdown of civil discourse, common courtesy, and respect have made sharing ideas and different viewpoints almost impossible. What should be an open discussion on a subject often turns into a shouting match complete with insults, not letting a person finish their thought, name-calling, backstabbing and angry finger pointing. This lack of civility and inability to properly communicate is unnoticed by our youth. If we don't expose this dangerous behavior and educate our youth on the importance that civility plays in society we are doing a disservice to the next generation and many generations to come.


How is Spirited Cause going to advance this cause?


One, we start by engaging the public in agreement that the lack of civility exercised in today’s society is no longer acceptable and that we need to change this regressive trend. Secondly, Spirited Cause will bring together teachers, educators and others to form, design, and lay out the curriculum for all to evaluate and contribute ideas. Finally, we motivate with strong public support for our local leaders and legislators to have this new program installed and taught in our schools K-12. 


Shouldn’t teaching civility, respect, compassion and understanding be something for parents and other family members to stress and instill? 


Parents and family will always play a central role imparting values and respect in their children. Even so, the planned lessons in this curriculum will allow students to see and experience first hand the benefits and value of using civility in place of non-civil behavior. They will witness and experience the positive and adverse effects and begin to understand why choosing to behave civilly is a more appropriate path to follow. 


Aren't parts of this curriculum already being taught in our schools? 


Even though teachers and other school employees do impart and call out people for being disrespectful, bullying a fellow student, or for acting rudely towards others, civility in all its forms is not entirely addressed. For students to internalize and be able to call up and use these skills in various real-life situations, they need to be practiced and recognized for the value they present to the student.  We need “The Civility NOW Project” to prepare our K-12 students with the skills necessary to become thoughtful, courteous, and successful human beings. 


The Civility NOW Project