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ALAN'S STORY is helping Spirited Cause to focus on those facing challenges with disabilities or special needs. Mobility concerns are forcing many people out of their homes who still have the ability to live independently. Obstacles such as climbing a set of stairs or getting a wheelchair bound individual from a car to their home can become central issues for many people.  


We believe we have a way to help. 

Spirited Cause with the cooperation of JAFCO Construction Company, Half Moon Bay is providing an “At Cost” program to keep these expensive ADA retrofit construction costs to a bare minimum. This exclusive program is a substantial discount that allows Spirited Cause supporters to get their homes properly ADA retrofitted. 

We are also offering this program to extended family members so they can prepare their home to care for loved ones in need. Spirited Cause and JAFCO Construction are committed to helping our community.

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Alan's World



An avid outdoorsman, Alan enjoyed every activity that tested his body and mind to the fullest. An accomplished surfer, mountain biker, skier and dirt biker, anytime Alan had a spare moment he would pursue these passions with many of his close friends.

Then one day tragedy struck while working on his mother’s 2 story home. Alan fell from the top story window resulting in breaking his neck instantly, paralyzing him from the neck down. A once vibrant and active man was now bedridden requiring around-the-clock care. Unable to afford 24 hour in-home care with limited insurance, a brother working 6 days a week just to get by and a mother on a fixed income, Alan became a “Ward of the State” and is living out his life in a 10x20 hospital room. Alan’s dream of catching the perfect wave is now just a distant memory. But thankfully, the story doesn’t end there.


To help Alan re-enter his life and find new challenges to pursue, Spirited Cause’s co-founder Jason Fruwirth stepped up by raising money and finding resources to help Alan. First order of business, get Alan a computer operated with Dragon Software and hardware needed so he could operate it by simply moving his neck. 


Alan’s transformation was immediate, inspiring and truly heartwarming. He now can write emails and bond with other quadriplegics and learn their secrets. He can do research and communicate with other people once more. His drive for a fulfilling life is once again reborn; and to everyone’s delight, Alan is ready to once again challenge himself and start over.

Alan has always had an interest and love for fine art and antique furniture. With the power of the internet behind him now, he is studying to become an appraiser.


With the help of Spirited Cause and our generous supporters, the next step is to get Alan out of the hospital and into a place for his specific home care needs. Currently, we are working on purchasing a specialized track system for Alan that can be installed in his next living space  so he can be cleared to leave the hospital and live the life he deserves.


Alan once again has the spirit of life flowing in him and with the right tools and support going forward, he will complete his life as he started it-



is one most of us couldn’t possibly imagine happening.
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"I grew up down the street from Alan, surfed Montara and hung out in the parking lot with him. He always had my back. Time for a long over due visit and help as I can!"

- Kristjan

Your donation will help Alan and many others facing these new challenges in our surrounding community.
Alan and co-founder, Jason Fruhwirth from Spirited Cause

Alan with Jason Fruhwirth, co-founder of Spirited Cause.

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