Spirited Cause is  involved in our local community. ADA NOW is a coast side program that offers individuals, families, or their relatives the ability to have their home retrofitted to be ADA compliant at cost. This program will allow many individuals to afford to make the necessary changes to a home enabling them to live or stay at home as opposed to being forced to move into an assisted living facility. It saves taxpayer dollars and is a win-win for everyone.


Spirited Cause is also committed to continuing to support, highlight and monitor other local causes like our fishing fleet, the plight of our veterans and a variety of other important coast side issues. 






The Spirited Cause Mission...

To empower the disabled and needy with innovations and tools that enable them to integrate, communicate and live a more connected and normal life.

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President Jason Fruhwirth

Secretary Brian Withycombe

Treasurer Patti Grant

Research & Event Specialist Tina Miles

Media Relations Lisa Battle


Our volunteers are an integral part of the Spirited Cause organization. For more info on how to participate and get involved, visit our Get Involved page and contact us.







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